Once a fire has broken out, what is the next essential step?  It is of paramount importance that not only are your staff and visitors alerted to the danger but also that they can leave the building quickly and safely.

Combat Fire can assist by providing practical advice and solutions. We can ensure that equipment such as Emergency Lighting, Voice Evacuation alarms and Fire Safety Signage is adequate and compliant with the current standards.

Combat Fire can provide a wide range of alarm equipment, ranging from klaxons and smoke alarms to sophisticated multi-zone alarms. We provide a full inspection, design and installation service to meet your requirements.

Please complete the contact form letting us know your requirements. Once we have received a completed form a member of our staff will take control of your enquiry and will contact you with a view of making an appointment to see you or to discuss your requirement further. Please remember if required we will carry out a site free site survey.

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