There are many ways that a fire can start and spread. Combat Fire promotes fire awareness in your company and staff on the most effective ways to:

  • prevent fire, by making staff aware of potential traps and bad practices, leading to an increased threat
  • detect fire, by keeping vigilant on potential dangers and acting promptly
  • engage the fire, by using Combat Fire’s training on fire extinguishers and
  • fight fire in the premises using the most appropriate methods

…as well as designing a clear exit strategy for members of staff and visitors to get free of danger.

The road to fire awareness

We have very efficient and cost-effective training programs to increase your staff’s fire awareness in an enjoyable and productive way. Contact us now to get a quote on how little peace of mind costs!

The stages of a fire

Many workplace practices can involve the risk of fire. Be safe whilst working by following our guides to safe working.

If the worst happens, and a fire breaks out, your staff and fire safety people need to know as soon as possible.

Once fire breaks out, dealing with it is the prime objective. Combat Fire has the knowledge to design an effective solution.

The most precious asset you have in your organisation is your employees. Make sure they know how to escape a fire safely.