When you are keeping a premises safe from fire, you need good detection equipment.

If a fire is detected, you need to have good equipment to fight it, such as extinguishers through to water mist systems.

If a fire takes hold, you need good signage to guide your employees safely to the assembly points, away from danger.

Combat Fire sells (and maintains) a complete range of equipment to aid you in the complete fire protection your business needs. Below, you will find links to other pages listing extinguishers, alarms, alarm panels and signage to aid you in your choice. Once you have made your choice, ring us on the number at the top of every page on the site or go to our contact page and email us with your requirements.

Types of Equipment

Combat Fire sells a large range of extinguishers to fight every type of fire. Click here to go to our dedicated page.

Good signage does more than inform – it can save lives. Our photoluminescent signs are top class – click here to find out more.

Alarms are one of the most necessary items in the workplace. Quite apart from the ubiquitous fire alarm drill practised in most premises, the alarm system is the first indication that a fire has broken out. You need to be able to rely on your alarms. Buy with confidence from Combat Fire

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