If a fire was to break out, would your employees know where to go if the need to evacuate becomes apparent? Do they know what are the critical escape routes and why they should be kept clear? Our photoluminescent signage is the answer to these questions; Combat Fire provides a wide range, readily available.

Adequate signage should be installed throughout the workplace to provide both employees and visitors safe and well signed escape routes from the building in the event of an emergency. Combat Fire Limited can assist you with a free site survey, thereafter submitting a written report and quotation detailing the correct signage and materials most suitable to the risk.

All our fire and safety signage supplied will be in rigid plastic photoluminescent material and are manufactured in accordance with BS5499 – The Health & Safety (signs and signals) Regulations.

There is a wide range of signage available to suit all occasions – Combat Fire has access to what you need, when you need it.

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